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Rent It

There aren’t many places where you can rent a race car.

Especially a race car like the Ford Mustang FR500S, and particularly from a facility in which you can have absolute faith that the car is correctly prepared and competitive.

FR500S Instrument Cluster

Miller Motorsports Park is such a place. If you aren’t ready to purchase a FR500S, if you just want to try one out or if you just want to race on an occasional basis, MMP’s Miller Park Racing Association has created an arrive-and-drive program that makes a racing weekend as easy as possible.

The MPRA is a seven-race championship that runs from April through October, and includes a class expressly for the FR500S. Each race weekend includes qualifying sessions and races on both Saturday and Sunday.

Your rental fee includes the race entry fee, new tires for qualifying on the first day, fuel and trackside service. Safety equipment is available for rent, and individualized coaching is also available for an additional fee. The MPRA does require a racing license from a recognized sanctioning body, or you can complete the MPRA licensing program through the Ford Racing High Performance Driving School.

Going racing has never been easier. The Ford Mustang FR500S was created at Miller Motorsports Park, and our staff knows exactly how it should be prepared and set up for racing. All you have to do is show up, hop in and hit the track.

If your preference is non-competitive track time, Miller Motorsports Park also hosts a number of test days during the year for which FR500S rentals are available.

MPRA Race and Test Schedule

Race it or Test it


Miller Motorsports Park has created its own racing series, Miller Park Racing Association (MPRA), to promote auto racing on a local and regional level. In this weekend series, held from April to October, you’ll compete for trophies and points toward the championship in one of 11 classes. Rent the FR500S for competition in its own class, and test your driving skills against amateur and professional racers. Each weekend includes qualifying sessions and racing each day.

Rental includes: entry fees, new tires for qualifying on first day, fuel and track side service. The series does require a valid license from a recognized sanctioned body, or sign up for the licensing school at Miller Motorsports Park through the Ford Racing High Performance Driving School. Safety equipment is also available for rent.


If you prefer the luxury of testing the car on your own schedule, book your exclusive time on the world-class course at Miller Motorsports Park. There’s no racing. It’s just you, the track and the FR500S. Rental equipment is available — just bring your need for speed.